Friday, 30 August 2013

Ariel's Amazing Learning in English

When Ariel first came to Stonefields School she was quite new to speaking English.  Like many of our students, Ariel speaks another language at home and is learning English at the same time.  She is such a determined learner!!

Ariel has made amazing progress and recorded this story to share with you all.


Thursday, 29 August 2013

How we used the Learner Qualities in Cross Country

Home Learning - Writing by Ashikka

Stonefield School Cross Country Race

The country race was fun because we got to go arond  the school in the rain . We were running on the mud and it was slipre. Lucky  us we didn't fall. But our dress and shoes were all mud.

This is where you go up the hill  arond  school  then  go back to the finis line then we got to go home or stay at school.
Finish          Start                                                                                                                                             

By Ashikka                                        

Wednesday, 28 August 2013


What is culture?

What is cultural food?

You might like to click on this image to enlarge it and discuss with your children...

Amazing Learning in Reading!

In reading some of us have been learning to add detail to our re-telling and predicting. Today Krishna and Daniel were predicting superstars!

Alvyn and Aurelia tried using DoodleCast on the iPad for the first time today.  Here's their recording.  What feedback might you give to them?  

"I really liked how you two were collaborating to make the programme" - Bella

"They did a good job.  They collaborated" - Harrison

"I like how they made it more interesting.  At the beginning they didn't do much much talking" - Mina

Didn't they improve as their video went on - it's a bit tricky using it to start with but by the end they were able to draw and tell a story too.  Can you hear them collaborating to make the video?  Ka pai!

Here's Loeki practicing his fluency.  He doesn't sound at all like a robot - just like he's normally talking!  What feedback could you give him?

Emailing learning directly to the Blog

Hi everyone,

Sorry there was a mistake in the address I shared - if you'd like to email learning directly to the blog on behalf of your child, please send it to

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Maths Workshop for Parents

Hi everyone,

For those of you who will be joining us this afternoon for the maths workshop, this is the presentation we'll be sharing - no need to take notes!

Cross Country Writing

Yesterday we brainstormed our ideas recount about cross country based on the question words that we've learnt.  Today we began writing our stories and had to check back over them to see if we included the information to answer each of the questions...

who, when, what, where why, how?

Here's Dinesan and Jacqueline to share what they've done so far...

On Friday Hub 1 and the other hubs were there at the field for cross country.  We had to run when it was time to go.  We did it on Friday.  We did it because our heart would get pumping for exercise.  I did it by getting steady.  We used some learner qualities.  We were being determined by squeezing our breath to the finish line and also we were self-aware because we kept on aiming to the finish line.  We reflected on how we did it.

By Dinesan

At school we did cross country and the other hubs did it too and when we did it it was so muddy and our teachers were enjoying their time.  Then our t-shirts and skirts got wet.  Then when we got to the hub we changed our clothes and skirt too and it was on Friday.  Who was there was us.  Why did we do it was because it makes us fit and it was fun.

By Jacqueline

Monday, 26 August 2013

How would it feel...?

How would it feel to ride a roller coaster?

Carys read a book today about a girl overcoming her fear of a big roller coaster.  We thought it would be scary but she didn't think it was too bad once she went on it.

Do you think these people seem scared?

How would it feel to ride a roller coaster, I wonder?

Here's Carys on a roller coaster!

Include your describing words below:

Cross Country Writing

Today, Mrs Freddy's, Miss Holland's and Mrs Elliott"s writing groups collaborated and planned together. We created a popplet to share our ideas. We used the question words in order to get as much information as possible. Now we are ready to write!!!

Friday, 23 August 2013

Music and Songs Break Through groups

We had so much fun collaborating, sharing ideas and talking about what we could do for our projects.

We played with the instruments and then decided what we were going to use for our songs. Our voice is an instrument too!

We gave each other feedback so that we have next steps to improve our performances. We had a fantastic day!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Maths Strand - learning about time

We have been learning how to order events, including drawing and writing about our favourite time at school.

Mrs Panapa taught us about the days of the week in Maori and we made them into a chain. The order of school events are up on the window in hub 1.

What Culture are you from?

Today in the afternoon we talked about culture.

We've included this map for you to explore with you children - we'd love it if you'd include some information on it - where was your child born?  You (as parents)?  Their grandparents?  What cultures do you associate with?

Let's learn more about each other!

How to leave a pin (with information):

Now that you know how to leave a pin, click here to get to the editable version of the map and add your family's pins (and type the password 'holhay85' to save at the end)

Remember to hit save and type in the password!

Katie's determination in writing!

Katie showed her determination today, when she wanted to write all her ideas about tropical fish.

First, we looked at a photo of tropical fish.  Then, we described orally to each other what they looked like.  Next, we wrote our sentences.

Katie wrote...

... and wrote ...

... and kept on going!

What a break through Katie!  Awesome determination!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Helping my Child at Home in Writing!

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much to those of you that came along this afternoon - we've included the presentation we shared to (hopefully) help you all out.

Please remember to add your own ideas (no matter how simple they seem) to the parent forum here and if you'd like to share your child's learning as discussed, please email their writing or learning to - this will then create a new blog post written by them (with your help typing it).

Any questions, please ask!

Comparing weights in Maths

"It was fun and hard because we measured stuff and I didn't know which one was heavier than the other" - Kate

"It was fun and easy because we had the scales to help us" - George

It would have been tricky if we didn't have any scales" - Ayami

"If you're not sure if one is heavier than the other one in your hands, you can put it on the scales to find out which one is harder and which one is lighter" - Annabelle

"It was challenging when they are really the same weight - then I used the scales" - Rachel

Was it easy to collaborate to start with?  No

Did it get easier?  Yes!

What made it easier?  What did you do to make it work better?  

  • We used the scales
  • Talking
  • Lots of thinking!
  • Reflecting - what was bigger and what would be heavier
  • We put ourselves into small groups to work together
  • We had two leaders
  • We had to be determined - "because it was hard if we didn't use the scales and then when people moved things" - Thomas
We learnt that just because something is big it isn't always heavier "because other things look small but they are heavier because they are made from different things" - Dinesan

Monday, 19 August 2013

Measurement with Mrs Freddy

Today we learnt about estimating and measuring with hand spans.  

First we read a book teaching us what measuring was all about.  Then, we learnt the meaning of some fancy words like: estimate (guess), measure, longer, shorter, wider, narrower.  After that, we had great fun measuring with our hands.

Devynee estimated the side of the table would be 6 hand spans.  When she measured it came out to 4 hand spans - a pretty close estimate!

Krishna estimated that the width of the computer would be 3 hand spans.  It turned out to be 5 hand spans!  Another close estimate!  Awesome!

Ariel estimated that the width of the computer would be 4 hand spans.  It was actually 3 hand spans when she measured.  Wow, what a super estimate!

We found that everyone had a different hand span, therefore we all had different results.  

Tyler's awesome reading with Hope

Tyler answered some fantastic comprehension questions about his book today, after he finished reading with Hope.  Keep on going Tyler!

Mass in Maths!

Mass is the same thing as weight.  We know that everything has a weight.  Some things are very heavy and some things are light.  

First we wrote what we thought mass was (this was tricky!) then we ordered a lot of things (based on their names). Next we tried ordering some objects that were in front of us.  We were able to organise them into groups of 'heavy' and 'light' and used a scale to help us compare them.


"We learnt about kgs and grams (g) today (on the iPad)" - Carys and Ashlee

"It was really, really long maths today and I liked it" - Ayami

"We learnt about mass" - Kate

"Mass is about what is bigger in weight and what isn't" - Dinesan

Measurement with Mrs Jackson

This morning at the start of our Marvellous Maths Day we talked about our Learner Quality of being Determined.

We did some great thinking about Jack and the Beanstalk. What is taller than and shorter than.

We measured who was taller and shorter than.

Some of us are the same size too.

We measured ourselves.

We made tall beanstalks.

We had to be determined.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Our Marae Video...

Thank you to all of our awesome parent helpers - we had a great time on the bus and at the marae... we couldn't have done it without you!

Thank You to our Speaker on Anxiety Jean Parkinson

Last night we had a great attendance of the Anxiety parent workshop, led by Jean Parkinson. Her contact details are

 Jean Parkinson, H.DipTching: BSocSci(HS), MA Art therapist(ANZATA), Registered Art Therapist Sandplay Therapist (STANZA),

The Space Between
36b MacPherson Street,
Auckland 1072

M 0212884526

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Anxiety Session

Fantastic session happening this evening in learning hub 1!!!!
6.30pm Jean Parkinson is a Registered Art Psychotherapist and Educator specialising in working alongside children and their families. She will be talking about "When worries attack." 'Basic facts about anxiety in children.'

We would love to see you there and think there are some great tips that you may gain from this session.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Today's trip to the Orakei Marae!

Today all of LH1 enjoyed a visit to our local marae (Orakei).

We learnt lots of different things and had a number of experiences whilst we were there.

Mums and Dads, could you please help up collect some of our thoughts by adding them into this app... just double click to type their words, or add a picture that represents their feelings.

Here are some of us performing the waiata that we were taught.  Stay tuned for our full video...

Monday, 12 August 2013

Today in writing some of us did a fun experiment using hot water and magic tablets from America!  We predicted what might happen to the outside of the tablet and what might appear inside it.

Can you work out what each of the creatures are?

Here are some videos we watched to help give us some clues...

Helping your child at home in Maths...

Hi everybody,

There's a fabulous online maths course on offer right now, that's well worth taking a look at.  Maths is one of those areas that people tend to have strong feelings about (all too often, negative) and this free course addresses some of those thoughts that can negatively affect the outcomes for our kids.

Have a look here for more info, and remember to check back in with the blog for more tips.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Children during their reading session

Aarav,  Zahra and Julia are learning to read silently as part of their reading session,  keep going!!!

Margot and Kyan are improving their ability to read silently. Awesome!!

Sachintha and Annabelle had fun blowing bubbles after reading their book!

Brooke read a story today about bubbles. They went up and up and up!!
Just like your bubbles Brooke.

Te Au Aio, awesome bubble blowing! Some of the others were trying to pop your bubbles.

Hailey was able to blow a long line of bubbles, they went up and up and up,  then down and down and down.

LH1 are Building their Learning Capacity!

Our learners have been really determined to Build their Learning Capacity around using the computers and iPads in the hub!

We're now at the point where our year 1 learners are independently getting themselves on the blog and posting comments.  This is a tricky thing to do, so we're especially proud.

This is what Jacqueline typed today without any help at all:

"tichrs i love becoze you halping us and you are ciwd so i will giv you asapriz to day and i hope you had a good day from jacqueline"

Jacqueline and LH1, we think you all deserve a surprise too for your amazing determination!

Story Telling Using Doodlecast

Today some of us were introduced to a screen recording app called Doodlecast - here's Mina (with the help of Alexi, Carys and Eugene) recording a story she made up.

Using the Learning Process in Reading

Lily R and Rachel have been making meaning in their reading. They have been learning about different blends and worked independently to increase her understanding.

Hailey is writing her list words. She is building her knowledge with reading.

Sachintha is building his knowledge by writing down new list words from his book.