Monday, 30 March 2015

Our Final Gymnastics with Flaminio!

Look at Fergus's spiderman walk!

You need to make a star shape before you do a forward roll.

Thhis is a new activity, you are beign determined Hayley!

You collaborated well Elle and Ella.

Can yo walk backwards with a bean bag on your head?

Boys you are being very determined, well done.

Did you get the bean bag in Elle?

Well Done Manav, very self aware.

What did Mishara create?

You have been busy at home, creating things. Thank you for sharing your learning with us.

Literacy learning

We have been learning our high frequency words.

We needed to be very determined.

Can you guess how many words we wrote?

We had a gorgeous visitor in last week!

Please meet Poppy! She is a chocolate labrador and she is about 4 months old.

Well done Toby you are making good choices.

What question were you asking Luke?

Well done Luke, you were very self aware!

You listened well to Julia, Tobias.

What did Poppy feel like?

What did you think of Poppy Gabby?

Well done Steven Poppy liked smelling you.

Anna you were very gentle with Poppy.

How did Poppy feel to you Riley?

Poppy was very well behaved, thank you Julia for bringing her in.

Look at my name!!!

Roy was being very determined during literacy and created his name from playdough. Well done!!

Building a home for the lost creature!

David you are creating a tall home for the green creature.

Well done Gabby, you are being very determined.

We all tried to collaborate.

What do you think?

Good learning!

It was great to see all the different designs for a home.

Gymnastics Week 8

We had to do a lot a lot collaborating during gymnastics this week. 

We warming up we had to either be in a line, row or circle.  We had to be very determined because we had to think about how many learners we needed each time. 

Monday, 23 March 2015

Our writing about Luigi

Luigi came for a visit.  Luigi is cool.  Luigi is at school.  He has a treat.

By Ivan

Luigi came to school.  He came to me today.  Luigi came to hub 5.  Luigi flew.  Luigi is black and white and blue and grey.  He sounds like a squeaky.  He is going up and down his stick.

By Cobie

Yesterday Luigi came to Hub 5.  Luigi chirped in his cage.  He ate his food.  I like Luigi because he is blue.  

By Mikayla

Luigi came yesterday to Hub 5.  We sat in a circle.  He jumped in his cage.   

By Zara

Luigi came to school because Mrs Freddy wanted us to meet him.  Mrs Freddy took Luigi around the room.  He was very cute.  Luigi jumped to his traffic light.  Luigi made sure his feathers were in the right place.  Luigi is special because he is as blue as the sky. Luigi sounds like a singing bird.  Luigi looks like a baby bird.  But Luigi is not a baby bird he is a teenager bird.

By Mishara

Luigi sounds like a squeaky toy.  Luigi is black white blue and grey.  He is special because of his colour.  Luigi is cleaning himself.

By Anton

Luigi came to school and he came today.  Mrs Freddy wanted us to meet him because she thought that we might be glad.  He was in Hub 5 / 6.  He was jumping in his cage.  He was swinging.  He is a boy because Mrs Freddy said.  Luigi is as blue as the sea.  He is singing so sweetly.  His colour is special.  He is special because he can fly.  He has a treat and a sharp beak.

By Lucy

Luigi was flying and he was jumping around in his cage.  He is cute because he is blue.  He was walking side to side.  Luigi is black white blue and grey.  He has wings to fly.  Luigi uses his swing to sharpen his nails.  He is as blue as the sky.  Luigi is blue like my Stonefields top.

By Jack M

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Maths Parent Work shop 18.3.15

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Luke's home learning

Luke was so inspired by our visiting budgie Luigi, that he recreated Luigi at home!  Well done Luke, lots of detail in there as well.

We used Luigi as our writing provocation.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Thomas' home learning

Thomas has been doing some amazing home learning!  Look at all his list words that he can remember.  

Well done Thomas!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Gymnastics in Week 6