Monday, 29 June 2015

Ashaani's How Maui slowed the sun

Maui and the Sun
By Ashaani

Maui was going fishing, but the sun came to fast. Maui had a good idea! in the night Maui and the brothers made flax ropes. They walked at night to where the sun was at rest.

The sun was still asleep, "Go!" said maui. The brothers threw ropes over the sun to slow it down. Maui hit the sun with his grandfathers magic jaw bone. He told it to slow down.

Well done Ashaani, you took learning from school and did more at home. Great summary and sequence. 
Mr Noble.

Relay Races, P.E

Hub 5 relay races.

We have been doing relay races. They are fun because you get to compete against your friends from your guardian group.
You need to run fast and pass the baton nicely. The learners enjoyed cheering on their teammates.

Press here to watch a snippet.
Relay Video

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Missing numbers in maths with Mrs Jackson and Mrs Freddy

Look at this tricky learning to find out the missing number.

We used materials to help us work out the answers.

We used basic facts strategies to solve the problems.

"I know that  my double 3 number facts therefore 3+ ?=6
? is 3." Ira

Arlo's home learning

At poetry time, we used our imagination and created sentences about what the stars were made of. 

 Arlo then did some amazing home learning and found out what stars are really made of!

Thanks for sharing Arlo!

Monday, 22 June 2015

Elle's home learning

Elle has done a wonderful retell of Maui and the Sun.  Well done Elle, we love your home learning!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Lighter than... heavier than...

Today we were learning how to compare different objects by weight.  We built our knowledge by learning how to use our new vocab of lighter than, heavier than and same as.  We made meaning by sorting and classifying the different objects.  We compared different objects with a kumara as we are learning all about Maui and the sun.

We had lots of fun while we were learning!

Friends of Hub 5

The learners and adults in Hub 5 have all used their hands to create a friendship tree. We are all kind, caring, friendly and respectful to everyone!

We love home learning!!!

Owen, this is great to see! You are very determined.

Piers, you have made connections between our phonics and your home learning, well done!!

Xavier the town planner

This morning Xavier drew an entire town. He included traffic lights, parks, train tracks and a school. 

Monday, 8 June 2015

Concept learning: Our own designs for the model of Well Being: Hauora

Well done Zachary, this is great learning. You needed to do a lot of thinking.

Great learning Caitlin. Can you think where social well being can be represented?

Some learners decided to collaborate when creating their model, well done Tyler and Hirresh.

Great collaborating girls. You were very determined!

Cobie and Katie you did a good job together to create your model.

More home learning!

Eloise you are very creative. She explained to me that yo made Steve at home because you wanted to do some art.
It has helped you in your learning in break through and in your writing.
Great thinking Eloise!

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Maths learning

Creating Pooh Bear honey sticks

Making halves and quarters - Yum!

Ordering our pieces from smallest to largest

Collaborating by counting together

Fast collaboration!

Singing during Maths

Outdoor and explore!   Counting and describing objects.