Sunday, 24 May 2015

Concept- Term 2

This term our focus for concept has been well being.
The learners have initially been looking at emotional well being

We needed to collaborate in our learning.

We made connections between emotions and the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

We made connections between our feelings and colours.

What makes you happy, sad, angry or worried?

Home Learning

These wonderful learners have carried stretching their brains at home. They have done some amazing home learning!! Well Done!
You have been very determined in your writing Eloise!!

You are doing an amazing job of practicing your writing Erica!!

I bet you had do do a lot of thinking when you were making this book about the planets Lewis!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Today we made bear faces using bread, banana and raisins. We practiced cuting up food into halves and quarters. 

Friday, 15 May 2015

Science Space and IT - pushing the final frontier in learning

Building Knowledge-

Story In the beginning Maori Myth
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Today we made our own planets out of rock, soil and sand.

 Making Meaning- We talked about different rocks and how they are made. We felt and described their different properties.

 Applying our Understanding by creating a drawing that explained all we had learnt about what a planet is made of.

Diet and Learning Workshop

 Thanks to Noeline for her expertise and advice on Diet and its impact on learning.
Background on our expert: 

I work from Parnell Natural Health clinic and home in Remuera. I have been in this field of work for the past 28 or more years.
I love to teach, and so most of my modalities include educating. The Natural shopping coach is educating mums on healthy food choices. The Alexander Technique is helping adults mostly, with back and neck pain. The Brain profiling is a personality profile with a difference. Micro current therapy assists people who are in pain or who have infections of one kind or another. The Tomatis Sound therapy is wonderful for assisting adults and children with anxiety disorders.
We learnt about the importance of reading labels and looking out for sugar in all of its guises as well as the impact this has on focus at learning time.

Harry wrote his own book about animals going to a party! Awesome learning!

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

What is PMP?

We are balancing, 

feeling things under our feet.

We practice balancing and not wobbling.

Maths Games

Mrs Elliott's maths group were looking at counting backwards.
They were in the learning pit when counting backwards form 20 to 10, but were very determined!

WE made it into a rocket game, what other games can you play to help build your maths knowledge?

Art Break Through

During Break Through we experimented with colour.

Cobie brought in a Chinese dragon.

Some learners copied the dragon and added the colour.

They were very determined and took care to add detail.

Concept Learning Week 4

The learners needed to collaborate and discuss times when they were happy...

when they were sad.....

when they were angry........

and when they were worried.

We discussed the what the faces looked like...... and compared them.

Addison's home Learning

Addison, you have been very determined at home! This is awesome home learning, thank you for sharing it with us.

Maths choosing time

We did some awesome maths choosing today.  We were all so engaged in our learning based on the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Maths through drama

Learning about halves, quarters and whole measurements through cooking

Maths through cooking - cooking porridge

More halves, quarters and whole bowls

Maths through singing

Maths through outdoor and explore activities

Ordering our numbers during number knowledge

More drama and counting

More yummy porridge!

More singing!