Thursday, 31 October 2013

Using Time Connectives in our Writing

This week we're learning about time connectives - can you use them in your writing?

Here are some of our examples from literacy time...

Check out this awesome learning from one of the groups that work with Mrs Elliot too...

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Here's one of the blue reading groups sharing their questioning - Miss Holland started them off but then they shared their ideas independently.  How do you think they went?

Friday, 25 October 2013

Being Safe around Dogs

Today Miss Hinge brought in her dog, Alfie.  We were very pleased to meet him and spent some time listening to her answer out questions, learning about being safe around dogs and patting him.

We made this video for you to learn more about dog safety.

Hats for term 4!

This term we all need to be wearing school hats as it is the summer term just like term 1. We find it useful if there is something attached to our hats so that we can identify our own one really easily.

These group of children are fine demonstrators!

Thank you to our volunteers :-) We like how you have put a ribbon or a button or badges on your school hats. Round of applause for all of you in hub 1!

From next week if you don't bring your hat to school, unfortunately you will have to sit in the shade during break times so please remember to bring them!

Balancing on Stilts

We were practicing walking on stilts today, it was a bit difficult!
If you want an activity to do over the long weekend, see if you can make some stilts and have a go!!!!

Brushing our teeth

We have been talking about brushing our teeth with Ginger over the last two weeks, the children have been very helpful to Gingers friend Honey Bear who needed to go visit the dentist.
They have explained to them how to brush their teeth and made posters.

Ginger and Honey Bear

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Waste Audit- creating a sustainable future

Today some of the children who belong to the enviro group undertook the waste audit for the whole school.
 We looked at the rubbish from each hub
 We sorted and weighed it and then we ....
reflected on our next learning steps.
What do you think they might be?

Sharing our writing

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

'qu' in phonics

Today in phonics we learnt about the 'qu' sound...

Do you know which of these words is spelt correctly?  Can you justify why you think this?

quween or queen

Sam came to visit to help us in writing!

Boston did an awesome job brushing Sammy!

Thank you for giving me a brush Aarav!

What did Sammy feel like?

I like meeting new people!

Pleased to meet you all!

Writing- Vacuuming

 We built our knowledge ....
 by trying out .....
 looking out and finding out how to vacuum.
 Tomorrow we are going to make meaning by...
sequencing what we did.

Making Our Lunch!

Last week we spent our writing time writing invitations.  We invited our parents to come in and help us to make our own lunch.

We planned our menu and got into groups to decide on the special touches we wanted.

Yesterday was the big day when we made our delicious food!

Monday, 21 October 2013

Hub 1 learning about how to get ready in the morning

Some of our learners thought it might be useful, to make a movie for new learners to Stonefields School, about how to get ready in the morning before school.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Discovery time - Doctors Surgery

Today in discovery time some of the learners decided to play doctors... here they are in action!

"Today I'm fixing broken legs and arms.  It is a busy day at the doctors" - Aurelia

"We've got too much patients" - Hannah

"The sick people have to call first and then they go to the doctors" - Kyan

"I am a sick person visiting the doctors.  I broke my arm" - Hailey

"I have a broken leg.  I broke it on the tower" - Georgia

"Some people have to talk on the telephone to talk to their mums and daddies" - Oliver

"Some people have to go to the hospital or dentist" - Oscar F.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Buddy Reading with a twist!

"I like reading.  I read with Ben.  He had a puppet to read.  I liked it because it was funny"

By Kaatia

Reading: Re-telling in our own words

"We have been learning how to do some recordings on Miss Holland's phone.  We were re-telling.  It was hard because we wanted to read the stories sometimes but we had to re-tell and I was being determined and my partner too." - Ayamai

What do you think of our re-telling?

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Spare plastic bags

Dear Parents,

If you have any spare plastic bags that we could use for the community fair, we would greatly appreciate it!

You can bring them into Hub 1 and give them to Mrs Freddy.

Thank you very much!

Kind regards,
Tosca Frederiksen

Inventors in LH1!

Having read about different ways that scientists 'spy' on animals, we decided we'd like to create our own inventions to keep an eye on animals in the wild...

Using the Glossary and Contents page

We've been learning how (and where) to look for definitions in the non-fictin texts that we read.  We've learnt that the glossary is often in the back of non-fiction books and helps us understand the meanings of challenging words.

Today we were set the challenge of reading the book using the contents page - we flicked backwards and forwards to the contents page and read the pages that interested us the most first.  We also used the glossary to help us understand difficult words.

We're non-fiction superstars!

'Making my lunch' writing group

In writing this term the learners are split amongst the five teachers, with each group focusing on an area of interest.

There are all sorts of exciting things happening!

The 'making my lunch' group' learners have each written an invitation to their parents and collaborated to write this letter.  If your child is in this group, keep an eye on their book bad this afternoon for your invitation to join us in making lunch at school next Monday!

This is not by any means compulsory but if your child is in this group, and you're free, we'd love to see you there!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

What makes me happy?

WALHT express and describe our feelings using drawing, writing and oral language.