Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Look what we were doing today!

We have been doing a lot of thinking about how to be respectful around water

We reflected from yesterday and remembered about being safe in the water.

We were learning to be safe in water. We were looking at what clothes we should wear in the water.

Which piece of clothing was heavier?

Why should we wear togs and not just t-shirt and leggings?

Our duality maps

We are having some fantastic conversations about our duality maps while we are making them.

Here are some samples.

Swimming safety in Hub 5!

We can have fun with water, but we need to repsect the water too.

We arelearning to be safe around water

We get into the pool with our feet first.

Water is safe as long as we know how to be safe around water.

How much water can be dangerous?

We are thinking and being self aware when int he paddling pool with each other.

Meet our new friends. We don't squirt water in faces unless children say it is ok.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Identity medallions: Who are we?

We needed  to look at ourselves as our identity is all about us!

You are the only one with your finger and thumbprints, they are  unique to you.

We are proud of our identities!

More cookies!

ANZAC cookies

As part of ANZAC remembrance Hub 5 learners baked these yummy cookies!
They had to collaborate with each other. 

Water Safety

Here are a list of possible book that you could read with your children to help them develop an awareness of how to be safe around and in water:

• Wet Summer Fun from Kids Safe Books, IP Waimakariri, Private bag 1005, Rangiora.
• Kei Hea Ra a Rapa Raki? Free resource from Water Safety New Zealand.
• Where is Rubber Duckee? Free resource from Water Safety New Zealand.
• Tasman the Sailor Dog, lessons on water safety by Sue Blakey (2009).
• Pippa and Paul picture book. Free resource from Water Safety New Zealand

If you know of anymore books that could be useful on this subject please to could let us know or comment on the parent forum.

Thank you