Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Our Parent Sharing Forum

Good morning everyone,

We're very excited to share with you our new Sharing Forum.

Joining is simple... click here to go to the forum and then click the 'apply to join group' button as per the image below.  It's also linked off our planning site (Parents > Sharing Forum) if you'd prefer to access it that way.

(click to enlarge this image)

This forum will give you all a space to share your ideas, wonderings and findings with us all.  You might have tried something at home with your child that worked incredibly, or likewise, you might have tried something without success but think it could work better for a different child?  You might be looking for some creative or interesting ways to make learning motivating and fun? 

Whatever you are willing to share, or wanting to know, this will be a great place for you to share your thoughts and questions with each other.  No question, comment or reply is silly!

As teachers, we will dip into the forum to answer your questions, but the blog and planning site will continue to be where you'll see us most.

This is your space to share and learn from each other.  We'd love it if everyone body signed up and checked in every now and then to really get the most out of the environment.
Nobody knows your child better than you and it's time we used what we know to help each other out.  What an awesome opportunity for us all to learn and share for the benefit our our kids!  

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  1. What a great way to live the School value of Value the Voices.