Monday, 31 March 2014

Literacy Time!!

We were writing about what we would cook on a bbq, sausages, steak, chops and all with tomato sauce! What would you like to cook on  a bbq?

We were learning about dinosaurs!! We even got to draw and cut one out!!!

The yellow group were building their knowledge around compound words e.g netball, playground. Can you think of any compound words?

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Baking day!!

Look at our baking! Thank you to Mrs Atkinson and Helen for all their help!

The shapes of hub 5 and 6

What shape did you make? Which shapes were the most difficult to make?

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Welcome to our Parent Space!

Hi everyone,

We've been having some problems with our forum (which those of you who were with us last year will remember posting in).

We're pleased to say that we're back up and running and have decided to go with Google Plus this time around.  Many of you may already be using it - it works in a similar manner to Facebook and you'll just need a free google account to get in.

Those of you who have google accounts already should have received an invitation to join us.  If you haven't, please click through to our Google Plus Community.

This will become a space for you to ask questions of the teachers (that you think others might be wondering about too) and to connect with other parents.  The hope is that this will become a safe and supportive community where you can all talk with each other!

Your first challenge is to post an introduction in the group... If you scroll down to find my post about introductions, you can click in the little box underneath it to type your message in.

Connecting Super Stars!

Today in literacy time a number of learners collaborated to write their own stories using Clicker Docs.

Sarah and Boston were connecting super stars!  They used the words they'd written with their group the day before, the words we listed together in Clicker Docs and even decided to get a word card to help them.

What amazing independent learners they are!

Reading instructions

Dylan, Maia and Tanuki are learning how to make a mask by reading and following the instructions.


Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Reading and learning to keep safe crossing the road

Reading the story STOP!

Home learning finding 2 and 3 d shapes

Harrison has been building his knowledge at home and school finding and naming different shapes. Can you make meaning by describing and sorting the shapes you find? Can you describe all their different properties?

Parent Writing workshop

Click here

Monday, 24 March 2014

Fun in literacy learning!

Bringing reading and writing together has proven successful in hub 5/6. We love experiences that create memories for our learning.

Here are some of us in action after reading our books about bubbles and a story about a road that had a big hole that needed to be covered for cars to go over.


Thursday, 20 March 2014

Sequencing at reading time using the Learning Process

 We built knowledge about the puzzles.  I was in the learning pit. I was at the bottom of the learning pit and I was thinking so hard that I climbed out of the pit I was then making meaning and then I made the puzzle.  Aarav 

First I knew the first bit of the puzzle. I was determined because the next bit I  kept getting it wrong, because Aarav had tried to use some of those pieces. Anna
First it was a bit tricky I was in the learning pit then I found the bottom bits I made meaning by sticking them together. Then I found the top bit I kept going I was determined and I did lots of thinking. Katie

I was in the learning pit and used the learning process to practice (building my knowledge). I then finished because I put things in the right order. Sarah

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Practicing our fine motor skills through art

We cut out a flower shape and stuck it onto some coloured paper, now we are gluing on small bits of paint samples we cut out another session. These are just a few fun ways to strengthen our hand muscles and help us with our pencil grip for writing.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

A special guest for the dance break through group!

On Friday the dance break through group had a ballet teacher come to visit to watch what they have been doing over the last few weeks!

The children were very excited to show off their skills and certainly learn some new ones. They enjoyed dressing up too!

Thank you so much to Karen who came in to help us. We learnt a lot and now we are going to keep practicing our routine to get even better :-)

Thursday, 13 March 2014

What we love about Stonefields!

Today some more of the learners got to know ClickerDocs.  First we brainstormed words that we might use and then the learners collaborated to write stories about Stonefields.

We were inclusive and respectful when we worked together.  We helped each other with spelling and finger spacing and shared ideas.  Some of us were leaders and some of us were learners.


Can you see the words we wrote together in our word bank on the picture above?

"It was fun using it because we got to make sentences" - Rhys

"It was fun because we getted to write about beehive colours" - Georgia F.

"We used it like independent learners" - Dylan

"It was fantastic because we typed about Stonefields colours.  When we didn't know a word, we used the words that we loaded up on the screen" - Tanuki

"It was a bit tricky to spell school.  I saw it was on my t-shirt" - Maia

Learning our List Words using Bitsboard

Today we used the iPads to learn our list words.

Miss Holland was pressing lots of buttons and that's not working good.  It wasn't very good because she was too fast and you have to slow down when you're doing it so you can think!  And you will slow down and choose one.

We had to think, and talk and collaborate with our partner, and then we had to connect.  We also had to do lots of listening.

It was hard but sometimes we knew what to push!  We will do some more practicing.

By Reilly, Jim, Ella and Mercedez (today's thinking and connecting super stars!)

(When we practice, we are Building our Learning Capacity which is what Rocky does)

Independent writing

During literacy we have been writing about a variety of topics e.g lego, cats and clothes. 

We are learning to edit our writing independently and with the teacher.

Click on the book to enlarge.

Home Learning: Katie’s Experiment

First we got 2 plates and put foil on the top.We put hot water on the plates,We put some sugar on each plate then we put food colouring in. Then you are supposed to wait for 3 days but we forgot about them. They were on top of the fridge,we took them down after 5 days and they were coloured sugar crystals that you can eat!!!! They taste just like sugar, and they are so nice!!!

Concept Learning Week 6: Why do our feelings change?

Student Voice: What makes you happy?

Can you think of other words to use instead of sad?

Stage 1: cut out the circles

Stage 2: when you have cut out the circles draw the faces on

Here are our faces!!!

We could say what made us happy or sad

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

We have been thinking about change. Can you define change?

We have been using the Very Hungry Caterpillar story to explore the concept of change. We have been applying our understanding by making links to different contexts of change.

Monday, 10 March 2014

We are learning how to ask questions.

Last week a box arrived in the hub....

We had to ask questions to discover what we thought might be inside.

We made connections to what we knew might be posted in a box.

We wondered who might send it to us.

We reflected on what the size of the box was and how that may help us guess what is in the box.

We were determined to ask lots of questions and make meaning of the answers to help us.

We made connections during break through with the construction group and during feed and read we enjoyed this story below.

click here for the story

Time to talk with Ginger

We have been learning how to be good listeners with Ginger this week.
Good listeners:
Look with their eyes
Listen with their ears
Keep Still
And are quiet when it is someone else's turn to talk.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Hub 5 and 6 masks inspired by "the three billy goats gruff" concept learning day

All Hub 5 and 6 learners enjoyed creating a mask to support them in changing their voice and personality when becoming a baby billy goat, a middle sized billy goat, a big billy goat or a troll. Here they proudly wear their masks.

Thursday, 6 March 2014


During maths we used the dice to practice our basic facts. You counted all the dots to find the answer.
Can you do any at home??

Literacy time in hub 5 and 6

Eric you are being so determined, writing about nanny Lily. You taught me how to write her name in cantonese, thankyou!

Nana Helen sounds like a lovely lady Georgia, awesome independent writing!

Granny Krissy would be very proud of you, being so self aware during writing!

You tried out a new app on the i-pad to help with fine motor skills and key words, well done Griffin!

Concept Learning Week 5

We were able to change the way we were playing the instruments. They all sounded different. Can you play an instrument in different ways?

We were discussing the seasons. What is the weather is like in each season? We had to think about changing the clothes that we wear during each season. Would you wear the same  in winter and summer?

Look at all the things we can wear during the winter season!  Come and find our display and have a look at our learning!!!

Sharing stories we are reading

The learners in Hub 5 & 6 have been enjoying some stories over the last few weeks.
We have been looking at  how books work and exploring words and the  punctuation marks.

Here is a link to  the book 'T-Shirts'.  We have   been talking about the rhyming words in it this week (he, she, me etc).  Here's the video for you to enjoy together.

The concept of change

During concept learning we experimented with changing our voices and actions to suit the characters in the "three billy goats gruff."

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Kushagra's home learning

I am digging in the garden to get the worms out of the garden.

I am making my list words using magnet letters. I ran out of letters!!

I drew a map of a city, first with a pen, then I painted it. 

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Literacy Learning at home

Last week we read a book called Pancakes now look at this exciting home learning carried out by Alvyn.... Yummy ...

Break Through 28th February Animal and Art Groups

We looked and found out how to use pastels to create patterns.

Experimented with different designs.

We went to the library to research patterns.
We drew inspiration from animal patterns and used them to create our own.