Thursday, 29 October 2015

Charlotte sharing her writing at Guardian Group time

Great to see fantastic home learning Charlotte. 

How to make a campfire by Mishara

First you put rocks down on the ground. Next use the flint to light the paper. Put sticks on top. Then put on the logs for a big fire. To make the fire you will need sticks rocks matches or lighters.

Green eggs and ham By Gauri

Firstly I dont like Green eggs and ham because thay are yuck. Secondly I dount like green eggs and ham because thay taest like vomit. Thirdly I dont Like Green eggs and ham because thay taest bad. fourth green eggs and ham are yuck because thay miet be posnes.fifthly green eggs and ham are yuck because thay Look Like slimy .sixthy Green eggs and ham are yuck because it tast Like snails .seventhly Green eggs and ham are yuck because thay are grous.Eighthly Green eggs and ham green egg and ham  are yuck because they are disgusting.

Halloween by Harry M

Halloween is cool because this year I am a zombie.

How to make a sandwich by Jorja

First you need  bread and then you  add salad after then you need butter and then you need tmatos and then you need some  cucumber  and then you need some  lettuce  and that's  it naw you can eat it.☺️

How to make a sandwich by Taylor

We need bread, margarine, salami, butter, lettuce. Add the lettuce  put the salami on the lettuce place the bun  on top.                                                                

pooh bear by Lucy

Pooh has  soft  fur and warm fur.    Winny the pooh has a fat tummy because he eat's lot's of honey. He  has a red t shirt.  He has lot's of friends. He is very funny. He sings song's. He likes honey so so much. The end.

Monster machines by Jack W

Monster machines have huge wheles. they have big fum choubs at the sids to make it go fast. They make sawnd like broome'broome. the drivis caben is high up from the grand. my cind of one is called the jack 20008531mju. the wheeles are bumpey so they can go on bumpey rodes.

Off road cars by Oscar B

I like off road cars because they are cool and fast ISO they crash to i won't to get a Hol box of  them Aswan I like them crashing.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Concept Week 3

Campfire Songs

This is what you might hear when you are sitting around the campfire in the forest. What can you hear?

We were building our knowledge about speech marks when learning a new song.

The song we learnt this week as called I met a Bear

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Week 2 Campfire Songs with Mrs Elliott and Mrs Thomas

Week 1 
We looked at the song: Campfire's burning, 

Week 2
Boom  chicka boom

We focused on high frequency words and finding punctuation. 

We were finding I, a, said

We needed to focus on highlighting the high frequency words.

We were determined to look for the punctuation.

I wonder if you can read the song with an adult using different voices!

Maria and Ruby leading 'Boom Chicka Boom'

Boom Chicka Boom

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Break Through

We learnt what morse code was all about.  We also learnt that the international coded for help is SOS.  We applied our understanding by creating our own messages of help.  There were so many dots and dashes for every letter of the alphabet!

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Shake Out drill

Today we participated in the Shake out earthquake drill, we did very well and afterwards some of the children practiced again and talked about how they felt when Mrs Jackson called out earthquake! earthquake!  Some of the children were scared at first but quickly got into the turtle positon or under tables if they were near one.  They all demonstrated for me the drop, cover, hold position we need to use.  We all decided that it was good to practice the earthquake and fire drills to remind ourselves what to do in an emergency.  

Monday, 12 October 2015

Marvellous Maths Monday with Mrs Elliott and Mrs Jackson

 BK- In maths we were learning how to read write and recognise our numerals.
We learnt about capacity and length. We used the following words: full, half -full, empty tall and  short.