Thursday, 31 July 2014

Who wants to be a scientist?

Water Safety

Check out our Water Safety poster!!


Sharing our stories in different ways

Today we had the choice between creating a real story or an imaginative one that involved swimming at school.

We chose to either use Clicker Docs or DoodleCast on the iPads and collaborated with others.

Here's Hailey and Isla listening back to their story...


Then they reflected on how they went.  They decided that they did a good job of remembering some important information and also talking and drawing at once.  They also decided the their next step is to ensure they don't talk over each other.  

What do you think?

Beatrice, Keira, Lily and Madi worked together to create this story - they're still having a think about their reflection.  What do you think they did well?

Look at all this awesome thinking, collaboration and reflection!!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Share your thoughts on what Science is...

What is Science ?... at

Type in your answer and click Submit!  Thanks!

Kia Ora Hub 5 and 6!! Here's a pic of Archie and I yesterday. He is 10 weeks old now so I thought you might like to see how much he's changed since the last pic you saw.

Missing you all lots. Stay safe and keep up the great learning! See you all very soon. From Miss Hinge xxx

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Writing about our painted characters!

Mrs Purcell's writing groups have been panting the most amazing characters.  They brainstormed words, then drafted their stories, conferenced, published and then read their stories (so they could be typed).  

Didn't they do well!

Mr Tall is tall and he has long legs and he likes to be happy.  He also likes to jump up and down and he nearly touches the sun.  He comes with a thump and everything goes up.  Mr Tall is blue and he is orange and he is green.  He is purple and he is red.  By Ben

Miss Molly has a purple tail and has eyes and a blue side.  By Mia

Mrs Rose-fluffball is big and she eats like a pig.  She is a girl and she is happy.  He favourite thing is singing and playing.  She is happy.  She pinches herself.  She is purple and she has a black nose. She likes to dance.  By Hailey

My character is called Mr Tickletree and he looks cool and he likes tickling you and he is colourful!  By Eric

Blue Robot likes to play rugby.  Blue Robot likes to play in the playground and in the house too.  Blue Robot likes to play with people.  He likes to eat chocolate.  Blue Robot is 20 years old and likes clothes and fish and chips.  By Aaron

If you come into the hub soon, you'll see all of their creations and writing up on the wall!