Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Diet Talk - A must read for every parent!

Tonight we had the very knowledgable Noeline visit us and our parents to talk about the effect of food and water on learning - an absolute must read for all parents!

Help at Home in Reading

Hi all,

We've received this fabulous brochure with our most recent order from the National Library and thought you might like to take a look at it.  I'll load the links up in the coming week to make them clickable, but in the meantime, please do have a read over it and visit any sites that sound particularly appealing.

As always, just click the images to enlarge them.

Recording a Story using Story Builder on the iPad

Teaching Each Other

This term we're trialling something new in the hub. 

 Whilst some learners are listening and learning with big books in the afternoons, other learners are reading independently - this is something our big buddies in Hub 3 do, so is very exciting!

Whilst that's happening, we'll be rotating the independent readers through some techy lessons. So far one reading group has had a reminder from Miss Holland about how to comment on the blog (it's hard to remember things like that after a holiday break sometimes!), and today these learners became teachers, showing another group how to comment on the blog. 

 Here they are!


Tuesday, 30 July 2013

LH1 Updates - this week...

Hi everyone,

On Thursday we're having a Cultural Day to celebrate our conceptual learning focus for the term.  It would be fabulous if all of our learners could come dressed as something from a culture they belong to - don't race out any busy expensive costumes - you could get creative with them!

 Also, don't forget that we've got a fabulous speaker coming in on Wednesday evening (6.15pm) to talk about the affects of diet on our kids - well worth popping into school if you're able to!

Reading with Expression

In reading today we chose our favourite page that had both bold words and speech marks, to show how we recognise when different characters are talking and what we do when we see bold words.

Here we are reading a page - how do you think we did?

listen to ‘Kush’ on Audioboo

Monday, 29 July 2013

Number Lines in Maths

Today in maths some of us worked with number lines.  They're a great low-cost resource that you can make and use at home!

Some of our learners practiced skip counting (in 2s and 5s) and others used them as a support when working out addition and subtraction problems.  Here they are Building their Learning Capacity!

Change of Assembly Time

Hi everyone,

We're excited to see all the leaners back at school this morning ready for another great term!

It's our turn at leading assembly again this week and we just wanted to bring attention to the change of time... this term we'll be trialling afternoon assemblies, so with this in mind, we'd love to see you at 2pm this Friday for ours.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Being Leaders in LH1

Today in LH1 we had a go at being teachers and leaders during phonics time!  

Here are some photos of us teaching each other and our reflection on our learning and experience...

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Hunter and Ruby Collaborate!

Each day I do it and I really love it and I do some pictures.  It's so cool!  I learn with Ruby and is in Hub Three.

This is my favourite one.  This is Simo, my dog:

By Hunter

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Three Little Pigs Song

The three little pigs song.

The Three Little Pigs

Some of the children in hub 1 have been learning about the three little pigs.  We made a book and then they wanted to act the story out.   So here is their video.


Today in maths David was being really determined!

Here he is to tell you more:

"I had to be determined because I was learning my knowledge.  I was making a pattern and sometimes I made a mistake on the squares.  I had to make the yellows good.  It was quite easy but sometimes hard"

Massive Shifts in LH1 Writing


We've all come such a long way in our writing already in LH1!  Margot joined us this year and look at the progress she's made in just two terms.



"I feel happy because I've done better.  I've practiced more.  Now I can write well!  I am learning to use different word beginnings"


"I feel good about my writing because I used different sentence beginnings.  I gave Miss Holland detail.  I made a connection about reading (compound words) and it helped me to spell the word.  Can you give me a connection sticker at the end of the day?"

Dinesan, I'll do one better, here's a connection sticker for everyone to see!

Monday, 8 July 2013

Making Patterns in Maths today...

Our Assembly Presentation

We had an awesome assembly on Friday - if you missed it, we managed to record our perform of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and School is Really Cool

Here we are having a dance along to 'I think School is Really Cool' at the end of the day on Friday - we love singing this song!

Asking Open Questions

In LH1 we sometimes play a game where we guess the type of animal - we can only ask yes or no questions though which can be quite challenging.

When we first started playing, we would often ask if the teacher was a specific animal (a lion, a cat, a snail etc.) but we've quickly become much better at asking 'big' or 'open' questions which give us a lot more information.

Here we are having a go... can you hear the 'big' questions?

Friday, 5 July 2013

Learner Led Conferences - Well Done!!

Last night was the Learner Led Conference for our year 1 kids and wow, what an amazing job they all did!

What was your favourite part of the LLC's?

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Learning Led Conferences and the early finish today...

Hi everyone,

Today's the day of the LLC's where our learners will share all of the fabulous things they've been doing with you.  We've been focusing on our next learning steps and celebrating the success that we've had and can't wait for your feedback.

Just to clarify what's happening after school... we finish today at 2pm, ready for the first round of conferences to start.  If you're able to collect your child at 2, that's awesome.  If you're not able to make it for the earlier start, not to worry.  If your child is just needing supervision until 3pm, we'll look after them free of charge until then (probably in the library/hub 1/2) and those two continue on to Kelly Club/Kelly Sports will do so at 3pm.

We hope that clarifies things a little for you - can't wait to see many of you this afternoon for our learning celebration!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

What would your box be?

Today we read a book about boxes called 'Not a Box' by Antoinette Portis.  The rabbit used his imagination to turn his box into all sorts of amazing things!!

What would your box be?

Can you write a comment?  Good luck Hub One!

LH1 has been learning to comment on the blog

Today in LH1 we've been learning how to comment on the blog and today we had a go at doing it in groups.  Here is our reflection...

What we found challenging:
When I had to try and write but some people were trying to type in while I was trying to - Charlie H.
When I was stuck, Mina was helping - Oliver
It was tricky to help Aurelia type because we didn't really know - Kyan

It got difficult when we had to type and click in the right places.  We knew what to do but it was quite tricky doing it.

What we found fun:
When you got to write your name - Tyler
Mina was typing and Jacquline and me were laughing - Lily R.
Typing your name - Santiago
I loved going in the blog - Kaichi

Here are some instructions to remind us and help you.

Could you try to comment on the blog too please?  We love sharing our learning and getting comments!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star- Assembly

  Hi Parents and Caregivers, Don't forget this week is a school assembly on Friday. Now the children have been learning to sing this song to help celebrate Matariki...

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Strand Maths in Hub 1

"I did repeating patterns and there were one green, two orange, three of another colour…" - Kush

"We made our pattern with coins and money and it was really big. We went gold, silver and brown" - Bella and Eugene

"My colours were red and yellow" - Alexi

"I was doing patterns with the magnets and it was hard. I was determined and I made the pattern" - Henry

"I made colors with purple, pink and other colours and then I went purple and yellow and I could connect them together. I almost made it long!" - Ashlee

"I made a really tall pattern. I had to be determined because it was so tall it kept on falling down. The colours were red, green, green, yellow, blue, blue, and it kept on repeating." - Bella

What we did in reading today...

Today in reading we learnt lots of amazing things! One group focused on conjunctions and learnt how to join two words together with an apostrophe... 

Another group learnt about compound words like wheelchair and airplane.  Do you know what a compound word is?

Assembly this week!

This week we've got lots of awesome things to share in the LH4 assembly.  Here's a little taster for you - Charlie and Aarav will be sharing their Matariki writing (and we'll all be performing two songs)

Monday, 1 July 2013

Well Done!!

Did you know how amazing our teachers are?! 

Mrs Elliot, Mrs Jackson and Miss Hinge have all been building their own learning capacity about the blog - none of them had blogged at the beginning of the year and now they're writing blog posts by themselves and have even learnt to make and embed videos, photo slideshows and more.

Yahoo!!  Thanks for continuing your learning to help LH1!

Jahvan talking you through his Maths Progressions

Here at Stonefields we all use progressions to help us in our learning.  We're at the stage now where we're starting to hand ownership over to some of the kids as it's such a great way to help move them along in their learning.

Here's Jahvan having a go at sharing his - isn't he doing well!

Oliver's Story Board

Today we practiced story board writing, this is telling a story without words. Here is Oliver to show us his: