Thursday, 29 May 2014

Interesting ways to Communicate!

Today we learnt that there are all sorts of different ways to communicate!

Do you know about these ways?


You can even click here to make your own Hieroglyphs!

Cave paintings

Homing pigeons

Messages in bottles

How else can people communicate their messages and stories?

Communication: Skyping England

This morning we had a special visitor in the hub.  Mary-Anne lives all the way in England.  We learned that this is a 24 hour flight away, that means we would need to fly all day and all night to get to where she lives!

Because Mary-Anne is such a long way away, we couldn't fly over here to talk to us.  Mrs Elliot organised for Mary-Anne to Skype us.  We talked to her on the computer, through Skype. 

She told us about living in England and about the different things she likes to do.  We got to ask her a lot of questions about life in England and we were very interested to learn what it is like.

Thank you Mrs Elliot for organising our Skype!  We enjoyed communicating with Mary-Anne!

Do you know people living in other parts of the country or in different countries?  

If you do, what do you talk to them about?  What questions do you ask them?

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Making a dinosaur

Our learners read a book called 'Making a dinosaur'.  We decided to make a dinosaur card.  First, we cut out our dinosaur and coloured it in.  Next, glued it onto our card.  After that, we described our dinosaur and wrote our words underneath.  We were so busy!

Monday, 26 May 2014

Brilliant Ice Cream Break Through

Can you remember the equipment we used?

What were the ingredients?

Can you remember the ingredients changed states from a liquid into a solid.

What flavour would you create next time?

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Hub 5/6 Sleepover Video

Here is a video of some of the photos from our sleepover.

Can you see yourself? 

Can you see someone you know?

Great learning in Reading!

Some of the 'red readers' would like to share their learning from today with you:

"Today I was stretching my learning.  I am working it out to sound it out.  I was self-aware" - Cymorah

"I wrote about the crab and Little Fish.  The crab has legs and Little Fish saw them" - Blake.  Blake made a great connection between the crab and his legs.

Dominic has been practicing his letter formation and learning how to hold his pencil well.  Isn't he doing a great job!

We also celebrated with our learners who have been learning to correctly say certain sounds.  They've been so determined!!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Our second session with Coach Hamish!!!

We are continuing to build our knowledge about ripper rugby thanks to coach Hamish.

How have we communicated information about the "Three Little Pigs"?

We are looking at and building our knowledge about different ways of communicating. Can you name the ways we communicating with in these pictures?

Monday, 19 May 2014

Making play dough for practising our list words.

We made some play dough together so that we could use it to practice our list words during literacy time.  It's just another great way to help us learn our words. They enjoyed taking turns and measuring out the ingredients. We had a hard choice what colours to make but in the end they decided amongst themselves.

Thursday, 15 May 2014


We've been learning about COMMUNICATION here in LH5 and 6.  Today we talked about what that means, watched a short cartoon, practiced different communication (without talking!) and used some iPad apps to practice recognising emotions.

If you have an iPad at home, you may like to download these free apps to learn about emotions:

Model Me Kids:  Emotions

We also danced to the Happy Song - does it make you feel happy too?

Stuck in the Mud!

Today Alexi, Hannah and Brookie tried using DoodleCast for the first time to tell a story. 

What feedback could you give them?

Learning about Exclamation Marks

One of the red reading groups has been learning about exclamation marks and bold print.  Can you hear how their voices change? 

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Maths in hub 5 & 6

WE have been building our knowledge about number!

Tessa what numbers are you drawing? Are you being determined?

Miss P's group are looking at ordering numbers, you are having to do a lot of thinking!

Well done you are building your knowledge about how many 10s are in a number.

Keep going Boston, you can do it!

Tanuki you are learning very well, being independent in your learning

We read a book called We Dress Up!!

After we had read the book We Dress Up, we decided to dress up too!! We were building our knowledge.

I am a policeman, Yes constable Manav!
I am a builder. Hello builder Harry.
I am a dragon. I hope you are a friendly dragon Scarlett!

I am a bumble bee. Happy flying Miko!
I am a dragon. Do yo breath fire dragon Oscar?
I am a spaceman. What planets have you visited Lucas?

Rippa Rugby!!!

We had so much fun with coach Hamish!! We were being very determined learners.

Student voice

Do you remember what you said about communication?

Being inclusive

After reading 'Tom's Ride' we thought about how we could be inclusive of the new Sommerville children to Stonefields School.  Have a look at our fabulous ideas!

I wonder which idea you will choose?  How will you action it?

Ka Poipoia

Here is video of the new Maori song we will be learning this term.

Can you sing along with Pounamu?

Here a the words to help you.

Ka poipoia ahau e te po
Marino nei
Te korowai o te Atua
O taku whare okioki

Tera nga whetu korikoriko
Te marama tai ahoaho
Hei hoa moku i te poho
O taku whare okioki

He kapua i te Ikaroa
Moku mo aku takahanga
Hei hoa moku i te poho
O taku whare okioki


What do you know about communication ? 

Our big buddies helped us by
writing down what we know.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Break Through Term 2 2014 Provocation

Click here to watch the break through provocation

We have chosen our break through groups today. Can you think how you might use the story to help you develop your knowledge of the break through context?