Monday, 27 October 2014

Learning Outside the Hub

Wow! Cooper what amazing learning ! It is great to see how you are stretching yourself as a learner outside of school. 

Friday, 24 October 2014

What is heavier and what is lighter?

Harry and Manav are collaborating to make a set of human scales.

Ivy and Nikki were trying to find things that weigh the same.

Which one is heavier Ella?

Which one is lighter?

Do they weigh the same Scarlett?

Happy Diwali!

Kushagra's mum come in yesterday to share some information about Diwali, the festival of Light!

The learners made rangoli patterns at the entrance of the hub.

Big enough for Elena to sit in the middle of!!!

The learners were very determined.

They created some amazing patterns.

Thank you Anu for sharing Diwali with us!!!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Story Telling

Today we've put out learning into practice by using the iPads to record our voices and drawings at once.  Last week we learnt how to use DoodleCast and this week we recorded our stories.  Some of us talked about the school fair and others decided to use the prompts to help us get started.

Those of us that had time, listened to our stories, reflected and had a go at making them even better.

How do you think we went?

Reflection: "I want to try again.  I say the same thing over and over"

"I did good because it was the best story I've ever done on DoodleCast.  I could find a quieter space next time"


"My next step is to try not to say 'um' and 'I got', use some new words"

"Next time I could make a better story by adding different colours and making the story a bit longer" 

"Next time I would go somewhere quieter and maybe find out a way to make it less squeaky"

"Next time I could do some more talking"

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Friday, 17 October 2014

Strand maths: heavier or lighter?

Which side do you think is the heaviest?

Do both sides weight the same now?

Eric is having to do some wondering whilst he being a human scale.

I wonder what Max is putting in.

Awesome collaborating !!!

Basic Facts!

We have been thinking how fast we can recall our doubles. 
Can you use your doubles to find the answers to other basic facts questions?

Strand Maths measuring length

Click here

We used this story to talk about and describe objects of different heights and lengths. Next week we will look at non standard measures to compare lengths of objects.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Story Telling with the iPads

Today we learnt how to use Doodlecast on the iPads to share our stories.  It requires us to talk and draw at the same time which can be quite challenging!

Alex recorded this awesome story with the help of Daniel and Eloise who were really self-aware... they decided to ask Alex questions to help him with his story.  Wasn't that a fabulous idea!