Monday, 30 September 2013

Travelling Activity

We have been talking about different countries this term,  so I focused on some travel activities with my time to talk groups.  Here is a picture of one of the students with her finished suitcase and Passport.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Poetry time!

During poetry time we were set the challenge of collaborating to find the rhyming words in the poem, About Feet.  Can you hear them in our recording?

Some of us also really thought about our expression to make the recording more interesting for you!

The First SS Show is Underway!

We're well into the very first Stonefields School show!  All of our learners have been working hard to get prepared for their part in the show - many hours have gone into practice and organising costumes and makeup.

We'd like to offer up a heartfelt 'thank you' to all our the parents that have involved themselves.  So many of you have volunteered your time to help prepare for our items, get the kids ready for each individual show and have supported us in what we're doing.  From fresh fruit to fill hungry tummies (thanks Angela!!), help with makeup and costuming, helping us entertain the kids in the evenings and everything in between, we really appreciate it!

This has been a huge learning opportunity for the LH1 students, as they've not only learned from their show item, but have also developed their understanding of cultural protocol and have practiced getting themselves dressed and further built their independence.  We couldn't do it without you!

Tonight will be the biggest show yet, followed up by sharing a cultural dinner.  If you've not already made it along, we hope to see you either enjoying the show tonight or in the hub to join the fun.

Click here to check out all of the photos taken (the access will be granted after the show tonight)

You might like to share with your child how you felt about their performance...

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Anansi and the Turtle

We've been watching this traditional story, can you answer these questions with your parent(s) at home?

Was it fair what Anasi did?  Why/why not?

Was it fair when Turtle did the same thing?  Why/why not?

Why do you think Turtle did what he did?

Friday, 20 September 2013

Respectful Learners in LH1

Today during PE some of our learners were the most AMAZING role models.  They showed respect by making eye contact with the person speaking.  They listened carefully for their instructions.  They collaborated with the other members of their team.

How else can you show respect?

"Maybe next time at PE you can be respectful and be on the blog!" - Bella

"Maybe next time at PE the teachers could try and be respectful" - Kyan

Are the teachers respectful?  Yes

"How could the teachers be more respectful then?" - Mrs Freddy

"They could help people if they fall over" - Mina

"I hope we get to be on the blog!!" - Miss Holland

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Creating cultural masterpieces!

We both made a Marae!

This is my castle from England!

This is where my family goes to watch shows and eat dinner.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The 300 party

We had a big celebration today!  Some of our learners typed the story directly into Clicker Docs themselves, aren't they clever?!

Today we had a party because we had 300 children at stonefields school. All the children had balloons at the party. We did drawing with chalk on the ground at lunchtime. It was awesome at the party! What did you think about the party?

By Riley, Lily H and Oliver

Times for Parent Help for the School Show

We would really appreciate as much help as possible.   
Many thanks LH1

Show Helpers Required Please!

Hi all,

With the show a little over a week away now, we'd love to organise some helpers for the shows please.  We need some parents and helpers to help keep an eye on the kids in the evenings, and people who are comfortable helping with makeup.  We'll provide everything you need to do the makeup, will give you a demonstration and will provide pictures and templates for you to copy from.

Here are some samples of what we'll be doing...

If you're able to help, could you please pop your name down on this doc, stating what you're able to help with and when?

Thanks for all of your support to date with the show, we really appreciate it!

Monday, 16 September 2013

Where has Sid been?!?!

Sid has been spending a lot of time sleeping over winter as it's been so cold.  Can you find out the name for this?  Lizards do it when it gets really cold, and some other animals do too!

Sid came out for some dinner the other night though and I thought I'd snap some photos for you all to see.  I know Sid misses all of the LH1 learners and can't wait for it to get warmer so he can come back to school!

Here's Sid under his heat lamp, starting to warm up.

Can you see Sid's special cave?  It came all the way from America!

The First Stonefields School Show!

Hi everyone,

We're getting very excited in the hub about the upcoming school show!  All of the learners are involved in the production and it will be a real celebration of culture and diversity.

Charlotte's very kindly written the info down for us all; it will be on display outside of the hub and also here:

If you have any questions, please communicate them through the parent forum (the link is on the right) as your questions will probably be the same as others have.

Parents, please check the forum...

Hi everyone,

Could you all please make an effort to check in with the forum every few days until the school show?  We've got people asking questions on there that will benefit everyone and if we streamline our communication through there then everyone will have access to the same information.

Could you also please keep an eye out on the forum for any threads regarding lost property?  Charlie's jumper has gone missing and we'd really appreciate you checking the labels of your child's jumper at home - it's probably gotten muddled with another childs'.

Feedback in Learning Hub One

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Costumes for the school show

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

As you know we have our school show coming up in week 9. In preparation we now have a dress rehearsal next week. Could all costumes for the school show be in the hub in a named plastic bag by Monday 16th September. Can you ensure that the items in the bag are labelled with your child's name too.

Any questions, please ask them on the forum click the link below!topic/learning-hub-one-parents/lp3glr9T7dw

Thank you for your support

LH1 Teachers

Respect Song

Hi Hub One,

This is the song we'll be singing at assembly tomorrow - you might like to practice your beautiful singing at home!

Fixing up Miss Holland's writing

Today in writing our writing group gave me feedback on my writing.

We broke it into two different parts - one was about how I could fix up the writing that I had already done, and the other part was helping me with ideas on what I could add or do differently.

Here they are sharing their feedback with me about how I could improve my writing...

Then we gave each other feedback.

Here's LH1 giving each other feedback and buddy conferencing each other during writing time...


Determination and Reflection in Maths

Ashlee and Riley have been particularly determined.  They were both stretched in their maths learning and had to show determination to keep on going.  They used self-talk to remind themselves to keep going and not to give up!

Aftermath of Origami!

This morning we came into the hub to fine many of our learners had taken up our home learning challenge!

Dinesan came in with this awesome piece of writing to encourage everyone to have a go at making origami...

Kaichi came in with a bag of origami that his Grandma in Japan had made.  What a special thing to share with us.  Here he is to tell us more:

"The origami is a beautiful origami.  The origami my grandmother made this and it is beautiful.  The black one is my favourite because it can open."

Did you spot the beautiful flowers that Mrs Elliot sent us?

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Origami Challenge

We've been learning all about different cultures in LH1 this term.  Yesterday we watched one of these videos teaching us how to make an origami cat and today we had a go at working through the steps and making these paper kitties.

Here are the videos to show you how to make a cat and dog out of origami at home and the links to print the special origami paper.

Which is your favourite?

You might even like to try some of these other origami designs with the help of someone at home...

Click here to see what else is on the website.

Before we started we talked about which Learner Qualities we thought we'd need to use... we thought we'd have to be determined and do lots of thinking and reflecting as we went.

What did you most enjoy about making the origami?

What was challenging about making them?  What did you do when it got tricky?

Kyan showing respect

Kyan showed awesome respect for others when he wrote about visiting the museum.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Our first day of Cricket!

Comparing settings in reading

The Turquoise reading group has been doing lot of collaborating today!  They've been making meaning of their settings, by comparing the settings from the two different books they've been reading.  They needed to first share the setting in their own book and then try to find the similarities and differences between them.

They were certainly in the pit at times but thanks to their determination and awesome thinking, they got out!

WALHT: Find key words to summarise

"Today we learnt how to find keywords and then how to summarise.  Key words are something important.  You only put in big words.  We used our key words to re-tell the story."

Time to reflect:

"We think we did good because we only used big words and they were all important ones.  It was sort of tricky because we couldn't really find them easily.  We had to be determined and we collaborated.  We think that helped a lot"

By Ashikka and Isabelle

Monday, 9 September 2013

Planning our Storyboard

The readers in the hub who are reading green level and above have begun working on their plans to make iMovies.  We're thinking about how we might use videos and photos to help illustrate certain things about Stonefields School.

What would you like to see in our movies?

WALHT: Ask Questions about Books

"Ayami, Krisha, Loeki, Daniel and Miss Holland, we were reading the book about Eggs and Dandelions.  We liked the book.  We learnt how to ask questions about the book in Stonefields School" - Krisha, Daniel and Loeki

"How comes there's half of my name in the title? [Dandelions]" - Daniel


Wednesday, 4 September 2013

More photos from hub 1's trip to Auckland museum yesterday

We left at 9.15am and arrived at the museum around 9.45am. We had something to eat and then we separated into two groups - one group went to the Pasifika Gallery and the other group went to the classroom to learn about Tonga.


       We learnt so much at the museum. We have built our knowledge around Pasifika history and      information!

Giving Zoe feedback on her independent learning

"I love when she said her sister likes the juice as well because I didn't know that her little sister loved that" - Ayami

"I like how you said that" - Kyle

"I like how she made that eating video" - Britta

"You could use your voice a little bit louder" - Ashikka

"You could talk about more foods" - Daniel

Maybe some more healthy foods?

Dinesan's writing about the Museum trip

"Dinesan wrote about his trip to the museum today. We thought we should share it with you."

Tuesday, 3 September 2013