Thursday, 6 June 2013

Making play dough

In learning hub 1, Miss Hinge has been working with a group of children to boost their skills in literacy.  As part of widening vocabulary, we made play dough today!

Here is the recipe we used...

Then we watched a video for the method of how to make it...

We had so much fun!

Then we made some words we knew using the playdough

Shayan - I made a shiny super star play dough. Play dough is my best
Ravyn - I like this play dough. I was excited.
Ayami - Play dough is my best and I love it. I love the pink colour. I was excited too
Kaichi - I like the golden sparkles because it's fun to make the play dough
Eugene - I like the red play dough


  1. Ashikka's Mum7 June 2013 at 11:22

    Great Work Kids,
    after watching this Ashikka wanted to try at home and she was so excited to see it came out well and made some rhyming words to share it at school.

  2. i like playing pladw. play dough.