Thursday, 13 June 2013

Independent Superstars!

We have an amazing bunch of learners in Hub One!

"I always give my dad a high five out of the school, then I go to the school and go to the classroom and then I put my bag away myself" - Charlie S.

"I put my bag away all myself and my book bag and my drink bottle" - Jacqueline

It's good to be independent because "you will learn doing things on your own because if your parents go away and they help you, you won't know what to do" - Jahvan

"I feel good because I like it when I'm doing things myself" - Margot

"I will do it myself because if my mum does it, my mum will don't be proud of me.  If mummy's be in the car, she will be proud" - Kaichi

"My mummy doesn't help me put my stuff away.  I do it by myself.  I put my bag away and my drink bottle and my book bag" - Emily S.

"I haven't been at school very long but my mummy and daddy don't pack my stuff away.  I do it myself.  They just drop me off and that's why I do it myself every morning" - Aurelia

Here in LH1 we are independent in the mornings.  We do the following things:
  • I put my drink bottle away
  • I put my book bag away
  • I put my school bag away
  • I say goodbye to mummy or daddy (or whomever is dropping me off) and then
  • I choose some learning or something to play with until the bell goes.
We talked about being self-aware in the mornings and suggested that our more confident learners might even be inclusive and help the younger learners out in the morning if required.

Can you help us to grow the independence of the Learning Hub One students?


  1. Wow!! You are all such independent learners. Well done - keep it up :)

  2. Hub 1 are superstars! Kaichi - I am sure your mum is always proud of you.