Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Introducing Shapes in Maths

We have been doing shapes.  I have been tracing shapes like squares, triangles and circles.  They are flat shapes.  I feel good about doing shapes.  
By Emily S.

We were collaborating.  We are making some shapes and working together.  We made the sides and we stuck the sticks together.  We never gave up.  We think it is a flat shape.  What do you think?  They are squares and we saw how the triangles compared when we did it.  We can make more shapes and make them bigger and bigger.
By Hunter, Leon and Anshul

Today Lily H. and Aurelia traced some shapes.  Between them they traced circles, rectangles, triangles, diamonds, squares and semi circles.  Lily also traced a pentagon and is going to learn the name of it.  Aurelia knows lots of shape names, do you?


  1. Nice construction Hunter !!! keep up the good work love Daddy!