Thursday, 4 April 2013

Fun with Scrabble letters!

George, his brother, sister and mum have been very busy at home.  Here's George's mum to tell us more...

I had a look at the recent home learning challenges and George was very keen, but funnily enough I was not so keen to unleash the ink and food colouring in our house with younger siblings. Nevertheless I did love the website and from this we came up with the following as an alternative which George, Oscar & Addison can join in at different levels. 

We have printed the Scrabble Tiles and laminated these and put them on the whiteboard. This will let George make words on the board, and as well as making words there is maths involved in adding up the total for the words. Oscar & Addison can have fun as well learning the alphabet.

What an awesome idea!  If you'd like to print and make your own scrabble tiles to use at home, you can get your free copy here:

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