Friday, 25 November 2016

Road Safety

WALHT be safe around our roads.  What can you do to be safe?

Philip - Stay with your Mum and Dad, don’t run onto the road.

Hraahil - Walk on the inside of the pavement.

Swayam - Look at the signs.

Liam - Look left and right.

Emma - Hold your adult’s hand.

Zoe Q - Hold your Mummy’s, Daddy’s or brother’s hand when crossing the road.

Zoe S - Walk across the road, don’t run.

Elise - Stop, look and listen for cars.

Annabelle - Walk, don’t run.

Skye - Look left and right before you cross the road.

Olivia Laur. - Always look at the traffic lights.

Oliver S - Always take two steps back from the road.

Isabella G - Parents, don’t lose your kids!

Marick - Parents at a number crossing, make sureyou cross safely.

Oliver M - Parents, do not park on the footpath.

Ryan F - Mummy and Daddy need to hold my hand crossing the road.

Declan - Look both ways for children, when driving.

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