Thursday, 17 November 2016

Blind Foundation visiting with a guide dog!

Today we were lucky enough to have a visitor from the Blind Foundation. Chris came along to speak with the hub 6 and 7 learners about what it is like to be blind, and how he lives a great life just like we do, only with the support of his guide dog. He told us about his daily experiences and his work, and told us a bit of information about his dog's equipment. 

Nobel, his guide dog, came with him. Nobel is a pedigree black labrador who had been in training for a long time. He knows he has an important job to do,  and he is great at showing Chris where to go and how to get around obstacles. He shows Chris how to get to work, and because he is a guide dog he can do things other dogs can't, like go on trains and buses. Nobel is also very calm and very obedient, making him great at his job. 

We were very lucky to have an opportunity to learn from these two, and are very thankful for them coming in to teach us more about guide dogs. We have been learning about service animals in our concept time so it was great to make connections. 

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