Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Hub 5 Sleepover Term 2 2015

We wish to thank all parents, family and whanau that attended the Hub 5 sleepover. We had such a good time.

We began the evening with a welcome and get together. Followed by games and hot chocolate.

When night fell it was outside for spotlight. It was every person for themselves, as long as you had mum or dad's hand that is.

 As we watched the flames of a virtual campfire on the TV. We reflected on our learning and enjoyed the company of good friends.

After lights out and a good nights rest...for most :-). We awoke to a light breakfast and more fun and games on the courts.

We all left that morning with a smile on our faces.

Teachers of Hub 5.

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  1. Alice really liked sleeping over at school with Mum. Can we do it again so Dad can have a turn too?