Friday, 15 May 2015

Diet and Learning Workshop

 Thanks to Noeline for her expertise and advice on Diet and its impact on learning.
Background on our expert: 

I work from Parnell Natural Health clinic and home in Remuera. I have been in this field of work for the past 28 or more years.
I love to teach, and so most of my modalities include educating. The Natural shopping coach is educating mums on healthy food choices. The Alexander Technique is helping adults mostly, with back and neck pain. The Brain profiling is a personality profile with a difference. Micro current therapy assists people who are in pain or who have infections of one kind or another. The Tomatis Sound therapy is wonderful for assisting adults and children with anxiety disorders.
We learnt about the importance of reading labels and looking out for sugar in all of its guises as well as the impact this has on focus at learning time.

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