Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Term 4 Parent Update

Hi everyone,

First of all we wanted to say a huge, heart-felt thank you for all of your support during the school show.  We were blown away by the number of you that offered support; from helping with supervision, applying makeup, donating costumes, feeding hungry bellies and everything in between, it was greatly appreciated.  It really was a team effort!  Thank you also for your kind words and encouragement - we think you'll all agree that the kids had a ball and really benefited from the experience.  They did an amazing job, both in presenting their items and in managing the longer days.

We have another action packed term coming up.  Our conceptual focus is based around independence and each fortnight a different focus will be offered by each of us, allowing the children to opt into their different areas of interest.  The planning is up on our site if you'd like to take a look.

Our school fair is also coming up and there are a couple of different ways that you're able to help if you'd like to be involved...
  • We're putting forward a few different stalls and would welcome any help manning them.  If you're keen to join the fun, could you please pop your name down in this doc.
  • We're also calling for donations of children's books to be sold at the fair.  If you've got any old books (in reasonable condition) that might like a new home, please bring them into the hub and direct them to Mrs Tosca 'Freddy'.

Key dates for term four:
  • Term four start: Monday 14 October
  • School fair: Saturday 19 October
  • School photos: Thursday 24 October
  • Labour day: Monday 28 October (day off school)
  • Life Education visiting: Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 November
  • Community Constable visiting: Monday 25 November
  • Lewis Eady concert: Friday 29 November
  • Reports go home: Friday 13 December
  • Learning Achievement Celebration: Tuesday 17 December 6pm (all students to attend)
  • Last day of school: Wednesday 18 December
Please check the communication update for information regarding our start dates in 2014.

Here's to a fantastic final term here in LH1!
LH1 Teachers


  1. thanks Sarah for the great update and all these dates in advance that is wonderful

  2. Thank you for the detailed update. We are eagerly anticipating term 4. Thank you for the awesome job you do!

  3. A heartfelt thank you to all the teachers at Hub 1 for being such fantastic teachers for our littlies.

  4. Hi everyone - thanks for your kind words, they've made our morning :) Thanks for all of the support that you offer, both in what you do and encouragement. Have a great week!