Saturday, 12 August 2017

Breakthrough Friday 11th August

This term our concept is all about farming and different aspects surrounding where our meat, dairy and produce originates from.

This week hub 11's focus was avocado, wheat and kumara, throughout the week learners were able to build knowledge and share their ideas about what they knew about these items. The teachers were very impressed with their level of knowledge.

We were able to explore where these produce items were from, some of us were very surprised that these did not originate from the supermarket.

Friday was a super exciting week for us, together we were able to make meaning and connections to our prior learning through various activities.

Together we made bread both by hand and using a breadmaker to see if we could compare the differences. 

We then moved on to planting our own seeds using beans, peas, cotton wool, paint trays and water.
these will be displayed in our hub so we cans watch the process from seed to plant. 

We then used the avocado seed from earlier in the week along with potatoes and kumara to create an experiment to see if we can make them grow roots, shoots and fruit (vegetables).

These are all experiments you can try at home.

Let's see what Monday brings, there might be some roots beginning to shoot.

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