Tuesday, 7 June 2016


We learnt so much from BARK NZ.  They taught how to approach a dog.  First we need to ask our own adult if it is okay to pat the dog.  Next, we need to ask the dog owner if we can pat their dog.  After that, we approach the dog from the side and let him sniff our hand.  If he/she turns away then it is not okay with the dog to pat it.  Dogs love being patted under the chin and on the chest.

We also learnt how to stand tall like a tree if we were scared of a barking dog.  We need to cross our arms over our chest, legs together and do not look at the dog.

We also made a bet - who could run faster, the dogs or us?  Guess who won?

Thanks to all the parents for the donations, it was worthwhile having BARK NZ visit us.

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  1. Those dogs run fast like my dog Dozer