Thursday, 17 December 2015

The Hub 5 Teachers Pantomime 2015

Narrated by a Princess (Mrs Elliott)

Once Upon a Time there was a X-Factor to find a new troll to guard the bridge for the three Billy Goats Gruff.

Some judges were selected and they included a Dreadful Dragon( Mrs Freddy)!

Lots of fairy tale and other characters tried out for the position of the new Troll to guard the bridge including a biker man from AC-DC (Mr King).

The 2 Ugly Sisters (Mrs Thomas and Miss Primrose) tried unsuccessfully to be the troll.

Little Bo-Peep (Miss P), Goldilocks (Mrs Jackson), Cinderella (Miss Hinge) and the Wicked Witch (Mrs Atkinson) tried to be the troll but were unsuccessful...

However a Prince Charming in the form of Mr Noble won the opportunity to be the troll. 

He made sure that all the other characters developed their learner qualities of being self aware, being reflective, wondering, questioning, showing determination, making connections and thinking before they were allowed to go over the bridge to the party on the other side of the river. 

The fairy tale characters began to live the school vision of collaboration and the values of being respectful and inclusive.

As the result of adapting and participating Hub 5 and the fairy tale had a happy ending to their day with dancing...

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