Friday, 15 August 2014

Miss P's Writers

My dream school looks wonderful. It’s made out of clouds! We have ice-skating. There is a gymnastics competition! My school has interesting things like bugs and science and aquariums and butterflies too. I would like a swimming pool. The school has a fair. The fair has lollies. Nearly every day the children have breakthrough. All the children tell the truth when they hurt someone or broken something. By Brooke
My schools name is Almor Junior High. The school has no rubbish and the school is clean. You can even have dinner there. A wizard would be your teacher. You could have a cake there. I would like to learn about list words. My school would have 9 kids. The wizards name would Wizard Blot. There would be Ipads. By Oscar
My school dream I would like a pet shop and pets. My school is fun. I would like girls to have powers but not boys. Girls can do everything but not boys. I wish we can bring loom bands to school. Teachers are cool. I want to be a teacher. By Simone
My dream school is fancy. I would like girls to have powers but not boys. I want the girls to do everything and the boys can do nothing. I would prefer something cooler like this, if the teacher were bubbles! Some children would like this one, if we were vampires. Wouldn’t it be cool if everything was scary. I would like there to be bats. By Olivia


  1. I love these dream schools, well done everyone!!

  2. I love this Brookey! So proud of you x