Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Origami Challenge

We've been learning all about different cultures in LH1 this term.  Yesterday we watched one of these videos teaching us how to make an origami cat and today we had a go at working through the steps and making these paper kitties.

Here are the videos to show you how to make a cat and dog out of origami at home and the links to print the special origami paper.

Which is your favourite?

You might even like to try some of these other origami designs with the help of someone at home...

Click here to see what else is on the website.

Before we started we talked about which Learner Qualities we thought we'd need to use... we thought we'd have to be determined and do lots of thinking and reflecting as we went.

What did you most enjoy about making the origami?

What was challenging about making them?  What did you do when it got tricky?

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